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Our Family

Thursday, July 10, 2014

What is our purpose?

What is our purpose??

This is a great question. It has seemed to be coming up here in our work in Guatemala. Whenever we visit a home and begin to witness. The question is “What is your purpose here on earth?” Are we living just to make more and more money? Is our purpose to find true love? Is our purpose just to raise our children? What is our purpose??

This life is so short. We desire to make the most of our years here. If you do not know Christ and are not born again, It is of most importance that you understand that your purpose here is not for your own pleasure. Most of you will answer our purpose is to bring glory to God. While many of these answers are good, and partly correct. As believers, our greatest purpose here is to allow the son of God to be revealed in us (Galatians 1:16). That Christ may be seen through us and that souls may be won for His kingdom.

Another point I would love to bring up, Is that God had everything prior to us being created. He did not need us. He had angels that constantly worship Him and cry Holy, Holy, Holy. The whole earth pleased Him. Everything obeyed Him and did according to His perfect will. Then He created man. One who would sin against Him and would blaspheme his name. So why then did He create us? He had everything, except a relationship. This is what he desires for us. One that would talk to Him, and He could talk back to.

God found this in Adam. The bible says that He would come in the cool of the day and commune with him. And then there was sin, that separated them. Now we know that relationship was broken. But Thank God through Jesus Christ that relationship can be restored and made new. Now the Bible states that if we walk in the light then we have fellowship with Him. That is the relationship that He desires with us. Walking with us.

So while we have many responsibilities here on earth and in our everyday lives. Remember we were not created to live in a way to only please ourselves and live out our desires. But our greatest purpose is that the one who died for us may live and breath and have our being.

This may look many different ways. It could be a pastoring position, or preaching to great multitudes. It could be finding a secret place that no one knows about and crying out for the lost to be saved. It could be traveling the world and sharing the gospel. It could be as simple as telling the cashier that she doesn't have to live like she is, but that Christ died for her sins.

Let us go forth and live in this purpose that God has for our lives.

John Leonard Dober and David Nitschman are unsung heroes.These men were not going on a nice short term mission to the Caribbean, or even Africa or China but they sold themselves into slavery to answer the call ‘come and minister the gospel to us’. It gives new meaning to the phrase “sold out for Christ”. They became slaves in order to have the opportunity to reach the slaves of the West Indies for their Lord. Their life’s purpose was to follow the Lamb who had given His life for them and for all the souls of the world. Their mission statement was “Our Lamb has conquered, let us follow Him.”
One of the men left his wife and children begging on the wharf for him to reconsider and stay. But the call and heart of God for these slaves in the West Indies was even greater than the pull of home. As the ship pulled away from the docks the men lifted a cry, 
“May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering” 
(Story taken from For all Nations)

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