Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Pray so God can get the greatest glory. Don't stop praying. A life without prayer is powerless. A church without prayer is dead. So pray, keep praying until He comes and may we be Holy. Oh that we may hate sin. Oh, that we might pray. Pray all night and all day. Oh that we would love to pray!

Historically, when things get tough for christains, we fourish, we grow. our devotion gets deeper. Look at our persecuted brethren in other lands. Chinese people are being saved daily by the thousands. Revivals are happening in countries where they do not have religous freedoms. We say were praying for revival... but in times of plent revival usually does not happen. Men do not feel they need God. But let God apply some pressure and revival breaks out. REVIVE US O LORD! Whatever the cost may be and let us PRAY!

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